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About Schafer & Associates


Schafer and Associates is a family run business based in Milwaukee, WI. Kathy Schafer started her screen printing and embroidery business in 1990. Kathy, a life-long East-Sider, easily was able to launch Schafer and Associates simply by networking with the numerous friends that she had developed over the years in Milwaukee. Word of mouth quickly spread about the quality of work and the business solidly grew. 


Kind and generous are words often used to describe Kathy, and these traits carry though to her business practice as well. Schafer and Associates’ customers always receive personalized VIP treatment. Kathy works with the best local screen printing and embroidery services in town, and searches for the best values that will showcase each customer with unique, quality products. 

It is only natural that Kathy Schafer would be a natural salesperson. Having lived on the East Side of Milwaukee her whole life, she has meet many people. Kind and generous are words often used to describe her, and these traits show through in her business practice as well.



Kathy Schafer, Owner

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